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Costa Rica - Passport

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7 Days to Costa Rica, just to find out that Roger’s passport has expired… d’mn it.
Then we had to spend time tonight to find out how to get it renewed quickly.
Got an appointment with SF passport agency on the Nov. 16th, the day before we leave… seems to be too short of a time
Well, maybe […]


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所以,我想还是给美好的记忆做个备份,这样如果不小心忘了,或者那天我死机了,还有个Backup Plan.

I like this Theme

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Eventually I found a theme that I loved. “Orange Sky”. It’s pretty, clean, and nice. Love it.
Ms. Nao also has another theme Pink.. but guess it’s too girlly, so the winner goes to Orange Sky.
Setting up the Blog with WordPress is easy, I am pretty happy about my work. Hopefully I will keep […]

Costa Rica

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8 days to Costa Rica… Can’t wait !
It will be the first time for just two of us to have a trip together.
Hopefully the kids will not cause too much trouble to Grandma.
oh well.. time for a little reward to the hard-working parents, but why am I feel so guilty?

Family Watch Dog

Posted under FYI - Nov 9th, 05 - 1 Comment

Got an email from somebody at work…. doesn’t hurt to check it out
For those of you interested, here is another way to see who’s lurking in your neighborhood. It may be a bit unnerving for some… but, an eye opener nonetheless.
I remember a few years ago we learned from a local news report […]

Canon Digital SLR rebate is back

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Last Christmas season I bought a Canon digital SLR (Digital Rebel) and got some good rebates (and of course by spending more
Now it’s back.. if you are considering buying a dig SLR, it may be a good deal
Link is here

A break from expensive bottom

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If you are also paying a lot of money for that little cute bottom, Amazon is throwing a coupon deal
Get $30 coupon from buying Huggies Diapers
(Thanks for Yun)

Moved from MSN

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Eventually decided to move my blog to my own hands. Guess I am a controlling person.
Just don’t want to lose my writings in case MSN decided to create another product.
(Still feels bad about the diaries I wrote about Winston’s baby milestones on MSN calendar, they decided to charge me later)
Fortunately I havn’t written too […]


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