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苹果机中文输入法 FIT

Posted under Technology, 随波逐流 - Feb 19th, 08 - No Comments

对于苹果机上的中文输入法是头疼了很久了. 因为这个原因博客写得不够勤奋,因为每次都要写很久.
查了查网上,找到了这个FIT, 果然比苹果机自带的输入法好用多了
另外在另外两台PC机上分别安装了搜狐的输入法 和 谷歌的输入法, 试了试,都很好用, 没有发现太大区别. 不过都比WINDOWS自带的输入法好用多了.

Google AdSense

Posted under Technology - Aug 16th, 06 - No Comments

Just signed up Google Adsense and see how it will work. Supposely if there are enough people visiting my website and click on one of those Ads and buy something, I will get paid.
I put on ads to the bottom of the sidebar so if you REALLY want to support me, you have to […]

Posting with Microsoft Live Writor

Posted under Technology - Aug 16th, 06 - 1 Comment

Just installed the Microsoft Live Writor and here I am testing it out.
I seems to cool that it can work with my existing blog with WordPress.
Let me see whether I can get a photo here
 So what do you think? The pictures looks pretty good, I can add shadow, frame to it. […]

Lost my counter

Posted under Technology - Jul 12th, 06 - No Comments

One problem after upgraded to WP 2.0. I forgot to put in the counter of my page.. just thought my blog is getting some readers.. wuwuwuwu..
guess I have to restart the popularity campain then.

No more Spams

Posted under English, Technology - Jun 30th, 06 - 3 Comments

I received too many spam comments lately so I installed the Wordpress Hashcash plugin.Hope it works.

Easy posting with pictures

Posted under Technology - Jun 21st, 06 - No Comments

I like this WP 2.0 a lot easier to post with pictures.
Just posted a article with kids’ drawing. pretty cool. (in chinese category)

Upgraded to WP 2.0

Posted under Technology - Jun 15th, 06 - No Comments

WordPress 2.0 has been out for a while and eventually I got a little time to upgrade to it today. It’s very easy and quick.
So Now hopefully I can write more interesting and content rich posts , with pictures,etc.

Congratulations to Roger

Posted under Memory Backup, Technology - May 11th, 06 - No Comments

Roger just received an Award from his work for his innovative idea of ‘Consumer Storage Solution’ patent filed with NetApp.
The award will be presented by the company’s executives and managers in an event in NetApp…
Congrats , Roger, Proud of you!

Welcome comments

Posted under Everything else, FYI, Technology - Dec 9th, 05 - 2 Comments

I think I was too concerned about the control of comments, but made it hard for people to leave a comments. So I loosened up the restriction on the comments so you don’t have to register or login to leave your words. But a name and email (will not be published) are required.
So, hopefully I […]

Language support

Posted under Technology - Dec 7th, 05 - 1 Comment

Being a bilingual person, I didn’t realize having English and little squares mixed up in the webpage could be annoying. Unless you want to read Chinese, most of the computers in US doesn’t have the language pack for Chinese installed. So even if the browser is in UTF-8 encoding, those Chinese words shows up as […]