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She changed clothes

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After being the only one in the four cube section for quite some time, I eventually got a new neighbor a few months ago. I was happy first because she is a girl, she has a baby, she is asian, although it seems that she doesn’t speak Chinese.
But soon , I found something interesting […]

Happy Birthday to Roger

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Happy Birthday , Rog !
We had a nice birthday party for Roger on Sunday.. Ben, Tara and Becket came over for the BBQ. Becket is a good cook, the food tasted yummy. We tried the Lemon Drop Martini from Oprah and it was pretty good, just somehow the mint leaves that I bought from Safeway […]

Congratulations to Roger

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Roger just received an Award from his work for his innovative idea of ‘Consumer Storage Solution’ patent filed with NetApp.
The award will be presented by the company’s executives and managers in an event in NetApp…
Congrats , Roger, Proud of you!


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This is the price I paid for gas today: April 26th, 2005 (highest I saw in the neighborhood is $3.3)
I think this is the highest price I’ve paid
Is this a fair price? Hard to say.
This is high enough to make people in US concerned, and Mr. Bush worked hard to put out all the plans […]

Roger’s Poem

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Bundle of Joy
On a winter’s night with a lusty cry.
A baby sung his first lullaby.
Father stood by his side and time stopped it seemed.
Mother smiled and wept and laughed and dreamed.
Love filled the room and hearts of all.
Rest they said for soon you will hear the call.
And when it comes you will answer without questions […]

Winston’s first real Christmas

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It’s the 4th Christmas for Winston now and I’d say it’s the first real Christmas that he probably enjoys and remembers..
The first xmas in 2002, we got a tree for the first time, it was a big tree, I was delighted to smell the fresh scent and got a lot of ornaments. I definitely […]