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Costa Rica Pictures are in

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After almost 3 weeks, I eventually posted the Costa Rica pictures online.
Please click the ‘Photos’ tab on the top of this page, or go to
I tried to put some descriptions on the pictures and hopefully that describes some of our advantures there.

Costa Rica - Passport

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7 Days to Costa Rica, just to find out that Roger’s passport has expired… d’mn it.
Then we had to spend time tonight to find out how to get it renewed quickly.
Got an appointment with SF passport agency on the Nov. 16th, the day before we leave… seems to be too short of a time
Well, maybe […]

Costa Rica

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8 days to Costa Rica… Can’t wait !
It will be the first time for just two of us to have a trip together.
Hopefully the kids will not cause too much trouble to Grandma.
oh well.. time for a little reward to the hard-working parents, but why am I feel so guilty?