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Long Day

Posted under Just Thinking - Jul 25th, 05

Got a damn customer P1 bug yesterday… had to work on Sunday.. such a pain

This morning, eventually got the boys ready to go to daycare, but found out that my keys are in Roger’s car.. and he already left !!!! What a headache… Since they are going to daycare, I didn’t feed them breakfast.. Wes just went bizzerk cause he is hungry..
Thank god Grandma came over and we went to daycare in her van. As soon as we got to daycare, Wes jump into the daycare lady’s arm.. cause he knows there is FOOD there.. 白眼郎。。 真是有奶便是娘。。
at least the screaming boys are gone.. then got back to the customer P1.. until 7pm .. almost didn’t get chance to eat and go to bathroom..

thought will get a smooth ride back home cause it was so late.. but got stuck with a big accident.. didn’t get home until 7:40pm…

What a day !!

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