New Chapter in Life — 新的一章

About Me

Inspired by a blogger, I think I need to write this page. But, not until when I started write about myself then I find out it’s not quite easy. Our life is so demanding, fast-paced, complicated, and changing every second, I almost start losing myself. So as typing slowly on this page, I must think carefully to reclaim myself again.. so without any specific order or importance, here is something about me:


  • Born in Beijing, China, stayed there until when I was 24. Lived in the country side for 12 years with my parents who were doing nuclear related stuff, then lived in Tsinghua University campus for the other half.
  • Came to US in 1997 to attend Boston University, spent 2.5 year there, met my husband, got a MS degree, and found a job that moved me to California
  • Moved to California in 1999, working in Oracle, almost caught the stock benefits.
  • Got married with Roger, remembered all the wil%tric names of his and his brothers’. had a great wedding in China.
  • Had two great kids: Winston and Wesley. One look like Roger with my personality, one look like me with Roger’s personality. What a fair world. No.3 ? Maybe, maybe not, although I will be thrilled to have a girl
  • Feels prettier than when I was little. Especially after I met Roger. (Got a deal here since apperantly western people view beauty differently than asians)
  • Some friends say I am funny. I like that. Sense of humor is a great treasure if we have it, I hope I do. I am suppose to be optimistic, but when around him, can never match. But I usually can lighten up other pessimistic people
  • Independent and tend to be try to be stronger than I can be. Learning to be nice to myself.

Things I want to do or achieve (Bold is already done)

  • Get married, have a great husband and have kids before I am 30
  • Have a great job that I love to do
  • Get a PH.D in the field that I can be passionate about
  • Travel:
    • In US: Hawaii, Boston, DC and New York, Texas, Florida, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Connenicut, New Hamshire, Virmont, Nashville, California, Yosemite, Yellow Stone, Great Canyon, Chicago, Kansas or Nebraska Farm, etc..
    • Other country: Canada, England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zeland, Thiland, Turkey, ..
    • In China: Yangtze River, SiChuan, Tibet, Hong Kong, Jiu Zhai Gou, Xin Jiang, Nei Meng
  • Read good books
  • My kids grow up healthy and happy
  • Spend at least a year in China with my parents and brother
  • My dream house
  • Bring my kids to see the world
  • Learn photography, also have Roger learn photography too
  • Attend cooking school: chinese and european
  • My Wishlist

    (Knowing what you actually want is not easy, so I made myself start doing so)

    • Wakie Talkie
    • Cutting Board
    • Magnolia Flower tree